ACT Learning Management System Solutions

ACT Associates offers a range of online training and education programs for public sector health care professionals, behavioral health in particular. These courses have been created by experts who have worked in the field and understand the need to meet continuing education requirements, while providing an informative, relevant and engaging learning experience.
We have training resources, products and experienced staff to help organizations:

  • design effective service delivery systems,
  • support the implementation of evidence-based practices
  • improve outcomes and increase efficiency

We increase capacity for workforce development by:

  • working with organizations to produce customized online training courses
  • providing onsite or web-based instruction to orient in-house trainers and presenters
  • using a proven framework for enhancing the online adult learn


A web-based learning portal is a gateway to all the courses, resources, and instruments that facilitate teaching and learning. We can help your organization take full advantage of digital technology to make your work more creative, your systems more efficient, and your staff more productive.

Our e-learning portals are tailored to meet your system’s unique needs. Some of the e-learning services we provide include:

  • Hosting and maintenance
  • Online meeting and webinar hosting
  • E-Commerce
  • Complete online capabilities, from online registration to evaluation to generation of certificates and transcripts
  • Production of training materials in online formats, including voiceovers and audio and videotaping