What People Are Saying

Syd and the entire ACT Associates team have been terrific to work with. ECBH has asked them to not only produce various products but to help train our staff in how those products were produced so that in the future we might replicate those deliverables in-house. With many consultants that approach would not work; the inherent conflict of interest in being asked to work yourself out of a job would impossible to overcome. That has not been any problem with ACT Associates. They have embraced that dual role and delivered both the product and the training expertly. ECBH considers our relationship with ACT Associate to be one of our most important partnerships.

Leza Wainwright
East Carolina Behavioral Health

As the Assistant Secretary for the Office for Addictive Disorders in Louisiana, my experience in working with Syd Wiford in a consulting capacity proved to be very beneficial in establishing a baseline and ongoing need for Medically Assisted Treatment throughout the state. Her involvement in the development of a service package and provider qualifications resulted in Medicaid reimbursement for addiction services throughout the state. Her professional and supportive influence post Katrina continues to have a lasting influence.

Michael Duffy
Former Assistant Secretary for the Office of Addictive Disorders
Department of Health and Hospitals
State of Louisiana

Collaborating with these highly qualified mental health and substance abuse professionals has been an enriching and enjoyable experience. During the past three years, I have worked with them on major policy analyses of North Carolina youth place out of home and assessment of systems of care. What makes this organization so valuable is the ability to apply academic expertise to the real world of service delivery for service system and workforce development.

Barbara J. Burns, Ph.D.
Director, Services Effectiveness Research Program
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Duke University School of Medicine

During the past 12 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Cynthia Wiford on behavioral health projects, including organizational development for managing entities and providers, profitability improvement, needs assessment, statewide systems development, and training. She is one of the rare people who combine behavioral health technical knowledge, organizational and political sensitivity, an ability to understand the unique needs and situations of those receiving consultation, an ability to use technology to support results, and a firm dedication to helping clients attain their objectives. I highly recommend her.

Thomas Lucking, EdS
Lucking Consulting