Our Services

ACT AnalyticsAnalytics

ACT Associates specializes in local and regional needs assessment and service gap analysis. We use an evidence-based structure and data-driven approach to produce information like:

  • Needs & Gaps Analysis
  • Network Adequacy and Accessibility Analysis
  • Clinical Systems Assessments
  • Data-Driven Needs Assessments
  • Clinical Care Trends based on in-house data
  • GIS Service Mapping
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Financial Analysis for non-profits and public systems


We provide professional and individualized support for a variety of your organizational needs, including:

  • Restructuring of care systems to ensure comprehensive systems of care
  • Right-sizing children’s mental health systems
  • Modification of Medicaid Service Definitions to ensure reimbursement
  • Implementation of road maps to take ideas from concept to reality
  • Creating comprehensive online Request for Proposal process, including scoring procedures, RFP formats, bidders’ conferences, information sessions, post-award monitoring and evaluation
  • Designing Staff Policies & Procedures
  • Mentoring staff to develop a managed care skill set
  • Grant searching and writing
  • Organizing and coordinating professional videography productions, including scripting, logistics, and engaging videographers
  • Creating and updating websites for small healthcare organizations


ACT Associates understands the ongoing need for training and professional development opportunities that directly relate to current standards as well as what staff need and want. We can provide well-crafted, tailored curricula that benefit the individual, their profession, and the people they serve.